As the road leading to your front door, the driveway can add significantly to your curb appeal. It can also be a trusted friend in inclement weather or a literal pain if it isn’t handled by a professional.

Don’t take chances with something that can be a simple and easy installation for experienced professionals.

A single driveway or 300 driveways, a patch in your parking lot , installation of a parking lot, several feet of trail or several miles, you get 100% of the Kauffman Group behind every job.

Parking lots are the first place your customer begins their experience with you. Do you want them to have a rough or a smooth ride when they are considering shopping in your place of business? From paving to painting, avoid the mistakes many business owners make when less experienced professionals handle the job. Keep your customers happy and rolling in the door with a smooth and beautiful parking lot.

We can do the following asphalt jobs for you… and more!
* Driveways
* Trails
* Parking Lots
* Patching