Bond Release Management

The Kauffman Group Managers and Supervisors have over 70 years of combined experience dealing with Bond Release. Put that experience on your team to effectively and economically get through the Bond Release process.

Bond Release can be a long, slow and painful series of challenges. We understand and know many of the “insider secrets” to ensuring a successful and timely completion. We are happy to work with you to create a meaningful plan of attack to complete all tasks on schedule and within budget.

We know the requirements and standards that are necessary to ensure that all projects get the approval rating they need for a well satisfied client.

Let us help you get your bond release
* Concrete Replacement and Installation
* Asphalt Patching
* Trail Installation
* Water Crock Repairs
* Water Valve Repairs
* Storm Drain Punch-out
* Sanitary Manhole Repairs
* Grading and Stabilization
* Installation of Signage
* Outfall Repairs
* Storm Water Management Ponds