Crew Leaders

Job Summary

The Kauffman Group, Inc. is looking for knowledgeable and experienced construction crew leaders to join our honest and reputable construction company. We offer competitive pay, health and dental benefits, 401K, vacation pay and opportunities for advancement. Take pride in working alongside other respected construction crews in both commercial and residential settings. Join our team and learn how fulfilling it is to be rewarded appropriately for your efforts while you develop skills and learn the newest construction techniques in a fast-paced environment.

Job Responsibilities
• Oversee and ensure that all safety rules and PPE essentials are being followed at all times.
• Develop and oversee quality standards on-site.
• Resolve conflicts or miscommunication that may happen on-site quickly and amicably.
• Operate a variety of hand and power tools, including drills, skid loaders and other tools.
• Assist in cleaning and preparing construction sites as needed.
• Load and unload construction supplies from trucks both manually and with the use of equipment.
• Digging, shoveling and spreading dirt, gravel and other materials using shovels and picks.
• Mixes, pours and spreads concrete, asphalt, gravel and other materials.
• Follow safety procedures on the job site and report violations immediately to management.
• Maintain a safe and clean job site by handling materials and storing them properly, picking up and
  removing all tools and equipment when not in use.

Job Skills and Qualifications Required:
• Valid Driver's License
• Ability to lift heavy materials and equipment
• Excellent stamina
• Ability to work in a variety of weather conditions including heat, cold, wind, rain and dusty
• Be able to work overtime when required
• Understanding of use and maintenance of electrical and hydraulic systems.
• Excellent organizational and leadership skills 
• Ability to communicate and report effectively 
• Fluency in English; Spanish a plus but not necessary

Please contact Kirsten Williamson at [email protected] or call at 703-994-8021
The Kauffman Group, Inc. 42868-C Durham Court Leesburg, VA 20175