Grading, Seed and Sod

The Kauffman Group's experienced staff of supervisors routinely work with our crew leaders reading plans and adapting to job site conditions to ensure that grading is done correctly and that the finished product meets our clients expectations.

All the fine work you do up to the final grading, seeding and laying of sod can be undone by a careless application of the final process. Although it is often the final stage in a project, it is always the first thing you and your clients will see when they look at your landscape. Don’t cut corners at this final crucial stage of the game. The Kauffman Group ensures you’ll be pleased both visually and with the operational aspects of grading, seeding, and sod placement.

We can handle all of your grading, seed and sod needs
* On Lot Rough Grading
* On Lot Fine Grading
* Installation of Sod
* Hydroseeding
* Temporary Seed
* Swale Grading and Sodding
* Storm Water Management Pods
* On Lot Winterization
* Common Area Grading and Stabilization
* Under drains